It’s time to call an electrician when your electrical systems fails or if you’re simply wanting to upgrade your electrical system. Some task can be taken care of by a homeowner but it’s always a safer bet to call a certified electrician to take care of your electrical needs! Some task that seem very simple can actually be very complex, Gravette Electrical Services is licensed and insured to diagnose an existing or install a new electrical system in your home in Covington, GA and surrounding areas. Stay safe and call a professional! 

A fuse is a piece of metal that melts when it gets too hot. While they are very good at quickly interrupting the flow of power, they have to be replaced whenever they melt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to make them melt. There are many different fuses on the market with different voltages and ratings available. The fuses are held within a central fuse box in your home. With an old fuse panel you can’t add additional circuits to be fuse box, usually there’s no available space, also you can’t install arc fault protection to a fuse panel, which is a device that prevents dangerous electrical arcs and fires. 


A standard breaker when turned on, the circuit breaker allows electricity to flow across a solenoid or strip. When the flow gets too high, the circuit trips and shuts down the electrical flow by breaking the connection. To reset the circuit after the power has been interrupted, the switch can simply be flipped. You don’t need to replace the circuit breaker every time it is tripped. It is also easier to add new circuits to new electrical panels with standard circuit breakers. Our electricians are trained and certified to replace your old fuse panel with an updated circuit breaker panel! Our panel replacements come with a 5 year warranty on parts and labor! Call Gravette Electrical Services for all your electrical panel needs, we have replaced 100s of fuse boxes in and around Covington, Ga! 

Surge protection is a very important part of keeping your appliances and electrical systems safe. The 2020 National Electrical Code requires surge protection on all new electrical services. Surge protectors work by taking in all the extra voltage caused by electrical surges and sending it to the earth through the grounding system. The surge protector We install at Gravette Electrical Services comes with a 5 year limited warranty and an insurance policy through the manufacture of the surge protector covering up to $10,000.00 worth of damage to appliances caused by a surge! 

A humming or buzzing sounds coming from your electrical panel can be an easy fix or a very costly repair if not taken care of right away. Typically these sounds are due to a faulty breaker, overloaded breaker, or from there being a loose connection. Our electricians at Gravette Electrical services are trained to diagnose and repair any electrical issues you may have with your electrical panel.

If a breaker in your electrical panel is hot to the touch something could be seriously wrong! Gravette Electrical Services recommends turning the breaker off immediately and calling an electrician to come and diagnose the electrical fault! Breakers tend to get overheated from a loose connection or an overload which both can be dangerous to your family and property. 

Plugging a refrigerator in just anywhere in your  home is not suggested. Typically a refrigerator needs to have its own dedicated circuit breaker in order to supply the correct amount of current to the refrigerator. Plugging a refrigerator on a standard lighting or receptacle circuit can cause an overload on the circuit breaker, when this happens you are leaving yourself and family at risk of the breaker tripping and losing expensive groceries. Gravette Electrical Services specializes in remodel wiring and adding dedicated circuits in finished homes in and around the Covington, Ga area. 

This could mean that the ballast in the light fixture is starting to fail. Fluorescent lighting is outdated and the replacement ballast are starting to get scarce to find. Gravette Electrical Services specializes in LED lighting and retrofits. We would love to upgrade the lighting in your home to be more energy efficient! 

GFCI protection is very important to keep your family and friends safe from electrocution. It is recommended to leave these installations to professional electricians that are trained and certified. The areas that require GFCI protection in a home per the 2020 national electrical code are:


  • Kitchen receptacles (including refrigerator and oven if within 6 feet of the sink) 
  • Laundry area receptacles 
  • Outside receptacles
  • Garage receptacles 
  • Finished or unfinished Basements
  • Bathroom receptacles 
  • A/C units
  • Dishwasher 
  • pool or spa equipment 

Arc fault circuit interrupter breakers are designed to know the difference between good arcs, like a light switch turning on and bad arcs, like an arc created due to a loose connection. Arc fault breakers protect against overloads, short circuits, and those dangerous arcs, which can cause property damage. Standard breakers only protect against overload and short circuits! Gravette Electrical Services specializes in installing new arc fault protection on residential electrical systems. 

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  • Sylvia Williams Avatar
    Sylvia Williams
    4/15/2021 - Google

    This company is awesome from the first phone call to finishing touches. Very satisfied. Thank you Hannah, Chase, and Nash.... read more

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    Spencer Johnson
    4/06/2021 - Google

    These guys are literally life savers. I lost power to half my house and they came out the same day... read more

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    James Barlament
    3/15/2021 - Google

    Gravette Electrical is an outstanding organization. We were very impressed with everyone we worked with to repair and replace wiring... read more

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    James Gravette have a very professional operation, very attention to detail individual. His professionalism saved my corporation a great... read more

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    Eric Stitcher
    1/29/2021 - Google

    Awesome service. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely use again.

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    Mary King
    1/29/2021 - Google

    Great electricians. I had them install an EV charger and surge protector. On time and cleaned up after themselves.

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    Tony Landers
    1/29/2021 - Google

    Great company! The technicians arrived on time and gave me multiple options to fix my electrical issues from high to... read more

    Jennifer Purée Avatar
    Jennifer Purée
    1/29/2021 - Google

    Good electrical company with competitive pricing. Will use again.

    Christy Chopp Avatar
    Christy Chopp
    12/29/2020 - Google

    I definitely recommend using these guys for all.your electrical needs. They did excellent work, arrived on time, and provided great... read more

  • Andrea Rankin-Magee Avatar
    Andrea Rankin-Magee
    11/29/2020 - Google

    Super nice and professional. I would highly recommend these guys any day!

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    Montrese Fuller
    10/29/2020 - Google

    I was very pleased with the service that was provided.

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    Peter Bilali
    10/29/2020 - Google

    Awesome to work with!

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    Daniel Dubois
    10/29/2020 - Google

    I would recommend this company to anyone. They came out and gave us an estimate and even included several options... read more

    RJ Rossman Avatar
    RJ Rossman
    10/22/2020 - Google

    Chase and his team did a phenomenal job of making the necessary repairs to our home. He was... read more

    Nick Jelks Avatar
    Nick Jelks
    10/19/2020 - Google

    Communicated when they would be arriving... On time....quick work... professional.... had the right tools for the job....even knocked out other... read more

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    John Smith
    9/19/2020 - Google

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    Kathy Whitlow
    9/19/2020 - Google

    Chase and helper came out and did an excellent job adding new wiring for my water heater. Chase gave me... read more

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    Shelby Wynberger
    9/19/2020 - Google

    We just bought a house and needed some fixtures changed out as well as relocating some switches in a few... read more

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    Brian E
    7/19/2020 - Google

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    Wayne Wyche
    7/19/2020 - Google

    Very nice installation of power meter. Very high quality, courteous, professional, very informative in an explanation of his... read more

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    Valerie Sutton
    7/19/2020 - Google

    Superb service! James was super nice and thorough! Even cleaned up after himself! I would definitely use him again and... read more

    Dalton Dimsdale Avatar
    Dalton Dimsdale
    6/19/2020 - Google

    Chase with Gravette Electrical Services came out to run a 240 circuit for my new Tesla charger and did a... read more

    Hannah Baker Avatar
    Hannah Baker
    6/19/2020 - Google

    Gravette Electrical Services came out and installed a foyer chandelier and added recessed lighting in my kitchen. They did a... read more

  • faith dimsdale Avatar
    faith dimsdale
    6/19/2020 - Google

    They came out and did a wonderful job! I had a bedroom that lost power and they fixed the problem... read more

    Kayla F. Avatar
    Kayla F.
    6/16/2020 - Thumbtack

    Installed 2 light fixtures. Great communication when scheduling, punctual, and quick. Very happy with finished job.

    Jonella H. Avatar
    Jonella H.
    6/09/2020 - Thumbtack

    Great job! Very professional and friendly. Very punctual.

  • Zack J. Avatar
    Zack J.
    5/27/2020 - Thumbtack

    From the start Chase and his team were responsive. Ran into traffic on the way and immediately let me know.... read more

    Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    5/24/2020 - AngiesList

    Very professional and courteous.He completed the work carefully and quickly.The price was very reasonable. He answered my questions . I... read more

    Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    5/13/2020 - AngiesList

    Chase came out and installed a electric vehicle charger for my Tesla, he was very nice and did an awesome... read more

  • Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    5/08/2020 - AngiesList

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    Angel P. Avatar
    Angel P.
    5/07/2020 - Thumbtack

    Chase installed some can lights in my master bedroom, he was very reliable and dependable. I will definitely be using... read more

    Jessica B. Avatar
    Jessica B.
    5/07/2020 - Thumbtack

    We called to have some TVs mounted and a few can lights installed in our kitchen and upon calling Gravette... read more

  • This company is awesome from the first phone call to finishing touches. Very satisfied. Thank you Hannah, Chase, and Nash.... read more

    Sylvia Williams
  • These guys are literally life savers. I lost power to half my house and they came out the same day... read more

    Spencer Johnson
  • Gravette Electrical is an outstanding organization. We were very impressed with everyone we worked with to repair and replace wiring... read more

    James Barlament
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